Visiting new places can take us out of our comfort zone. We hope to make your first visit a great experience by helping you feel as informed as possible before you even get here! Here are some things that might make your visit to Denver First Church a little easier…

Where Do I Park?

We have a large parking lot and our building has many doors. For our guests and

newcomers, we have reserved the front-west parking lot for easy access into both the front

entrance and children’s wing. We also have a free gift for you at the Welcome Center!

Where do I start?

Our newly finished atrium located on the northwest side of the campus is where you will find our greeters who can help you with anything related to DFC.

Come by and we can direct you to our services.

  • What do I wear?

    You should know that we don’t care how you dress at Denver First Church. Our main goal is for you to feel relaxed and be able to relate and worship God in what feels right to you. So please come just as you are, whether that means wearing a suit and tie, a pair of comfortable jeans, or shorts and a t-shirt.