Members will be voting online on Monday, May 4 regarding six positions.

Members will receive an email with further instructions for the vote prior to May 4.

The first three are ministry positions.

You will simply vote “YES” or “NO” for each of the following:


    Description: Has oversight of the Adult Sunday School department, assisting with everything from room setup requests to teacher training and support. Works closely with Pastor of Christian Education.


    • Has attended DFC since 1984

    • Has been a lay leader since 1987 in many areas of DFC

    • Has been involved in leadership of 34 groups

    • See bit.ly/DFCboard for details


    Description: Informs the Board of the direction and activities of the youth department for the purpose of advocacy and accountability. Works closely with the Student Ministries Pastor.


    • Jeff and Chrystal recently moved to Denver from Albuquerque, where Jeff had served on the Board, was a member of the SDMI board, head of Adult Ministries and taught weekly Bible study at Albuquerque Heights Church of the Nazarene.

    • Jeff is a regional leader in the pet care industry.

    • In his spare time, Jeff enjoys anything outdoors, and can often be found in the mountains and the Desert Southwest.

    • Currently, Jeff and Chrystal serve in DFC’s ELEMENT Student Ministries.


    Description: Works closely with the Missions & Outreach Pastor to capture the imagination of DFC for reaching underserved communities locally, regionally and globally with the Gospel of Christ.


    • Leanne and her husband, Ian, moved from San Diego and have become an active part of DFC.  

    • Leanne is a Registered Nurse in the operating room at Colorado Children's Hospital.

    • She served on the Church Board at Southeast Church of the Nazarene in San Diego.

    • Leanne is active in the Village Young Adult Group, Prayer Quilt Ministry, Women of the Word Bible studies and is a monthly Kidz volunteer.

In the second portion of the ballot, you will select up to three of the following individuals: 


    • Elise is a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital Colorado and is the Program Coordinator for the Children’s Hospital Colorado Spine Program.

    • She received her Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

    • Elise’s focus at work is on the care of her patients and families and on building successful teams that result in excellent outcomes.

    • She has been a member at DFC for almost 42 years, participates in Worship and Arts, is an active leader in her Sunday School class, and is currently a Church Board member, among other things.


    • Charles and Juli have been married for 32 years and have been members of DFC for many years.

    • Charles graduated Olivet Nazarene University in 1988.

    • He has been owner of CJ Burroughs Real Estate for nearly 20 years.      

    • Charles has participated in multiple HOA boards as president and treasurer. 


    • Caley has attended DFC for 15 years where she has served both as a choir member and on the vocal team.

    • Caley has led marriage classes, such as “Fireproof” and “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.” 

    • She has served on school fund raising committees.

    • Caley is a business owner with a Master’s Degree in Business & Finance.


    • A DFC “bus kid,” who developed a heart for evangelism, Robb became part of the youth ministry leadership team which led to a call to full-time ministry with Youth for Christ.    

    • Robb became one of the original Leadership Development Coaches for Youth for Christ, USA.              

    • He has served on numerous Boards of Directors in business, the community, not-for-profits, and DFC.

    • He currently serves on the Church Board, is a member of the Finance Committee, Treasurer of DFC’s motorcycle ministry, Worship and Arts committee member, plays trumpet for our Praise & Worship service, and is actively involved in missions, among other things.


    • Hugh and Barb have been married 46 years.

    • Hugh is a Commercial Construction Supervisor.

    • He has served in a variety of Nazarene churches and currently serves as the president of DFC’s motorcycle ministry, is treasurer of the missions council, and is an active volunteer and member of the steering committee for DFC’s security team.

    • Hugh has been a greeter and serves as your usher at Door 3.

The Colorado District Assembly will be held June 25-27, 2020, location to be determined.

If you are interested in being selected as an Assembly Delegate,

please submit your name to Kim Glaser (303.761.8370). 

On voting day, please be prepared to vote on the following: Delegates to the District Assembly

may be nominated by the Pastor subject to the approval of the Church Board. (Y/N)


Please prayerfully consider whom you select. Voting is an official act of church business.

In the Church of the Nazarene, the qualification to vote is that you must be 15 years old and

officially registered as a member of the local church.