Sunday School


THE LIVING ROOM - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, Community room with vini GIANNATALA 

This team-taught class is geared toward those in their 50's or older wanting to understand the marvelous story of God as told in His Word. Through teaching from the Bible and class discussions, members can expect to discover how the believer is uniquely equipped to live a purpose-filled life through Jesus Christ in every situation. Email for link. (We will begin meeting in person at DFC on Sunday, February 7. Zoom will continue to be available as well.)

BRIDGE BUILDERS - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, Diehl Chapel

Our teachers are a team that brings the Bible to life with creative methods. Round table discussions allow us to learn from our life experiences. All are welcome to our diverse age group. Our fun-filled socials are a must!

REFUGE - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, Room #100 with tODD & TARA EDWARDS 

This class seeks to deepen our walk with Christ with a focus on scripture study, books of the Bible and Biblical character studies. This group builds community and fellowship through lunches, dinners, parties, etc. Email for more info!

His CORNERSTONE - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, fellowship hall with PASTOR ROGER FREELS 

We believe God expects us to more fully know Him, and we strongly believe in the value of fellowship, prayer, and spiritual growth lessons. We have monthly activities including class trips, and we are involved with helping those in need. We invite and encourage you to join us. Email for more info!

MASH - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, Room #202 with BILL DURAN 

Mature Adults Seeking Holiness - We are led by the Holy Spirit to follow the Great Commission of loving the Lord and each other as we reach out in ministry. We share Biblical truths and how these truths apply to our everyday living, God's grace, and forgiveness. We conclude the class with praise, prayer requests, and prayer time together. Email Bill for more info at

The Village College & Young adults - Sundays, 5:30pm at DFC, Community room with
Mallory John-Berhe

A space for college students and young adults to find community and fellowship. Sunday morning/evening group times as well as weekly events to hangout, have discussion, play games and develop relationships with one another. Text Mallory at 303-519-8794 for more info!

Gather Family life ministry - Sundays, 9:00am at DFC, Room #200 with Jason & Rebecca Brest

A biblically based Christ-centered community of followers navigating life together. Email Jason at for more info!


Pastor of christian education

Scott Henke

Sunday School Support