Steps toward our
New Campus

Completed Steps 

  • Identify a potential site for relocation.
  • Hire an architect to design a concept for the purpose of estimating total project costs.
    • Lee Architects was approved and hired to develop the concept designs.
    • Initial concepts have been developed.
  • Offers were made on 5301 (office building) and 5302 (shopping center) S Federal Cir, near the corner of Belleview and S Federal.
    • A $4.375 million offer contingent on an affirmative congregational vote was accepted by the owners of 5301 S Federal Cir.
    • A $3.84 million offer was extended to the owners of 5302 S Federal Cir. The owners are currently in Africa and will entertain the offer upon their return in mid-February. 
  • A contract has been drafted and is being reviewed by the church board, district advisory board, and real estate attorney.
  • General contractors have toured the facility and been interviewed (2/10/23) for the renovations. The interview team consisted of Scott McLean, Pat Taylor, Hugh Sigler, and Pastor Darren Reed.
  • Pastor Darren met with Pastor Jeff of BRAVE Church to discuss payment of the seller financing arrangement from the sale of the 3800 E Hampden property. BRAVE Church has secured funding and final payment will be transferred to DFC when called. Negotiations have also begun with BRAVE to restructure the current lease so DFC can remain in the building on Sundays only while renovations take place.

Next Steps 

  • Hire a general contractor for renovations of 5301 S Federal Cir (the result of General Contractor interviews).
  • Resume offer negotiations with the 5302 S Federal Cir property owners.
    • Assumed: Come to an agreement on price.
    • Assumed: Go under contract soon after agreement.
  • Go under contract with 5301 S Federal Cir by February 20th.
  • Begin our due diligence process on the new campus (physical inspections, title, etc.).
  • Present a proposal to purchase the new campus to the District Advisory Board for approval.
  • Announce a congregational vote of active members to purchase the new campus over two Sundays.
  • Offer two dates for an open house of 5301 S Federal Cir for the church family to walk through the facility.
  • Hold a congregational vote of active members for the purchase of the new campus. The purchase is contingent upon an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of our active membership.
  • Transfer funds from BRAVE church to DFC from the sale of 3800 E Hampden.
  • Close on the new campus.
  • Immediately move office and ministry operations to the third floor of the new campus.
  • Begin the process of renovations on the 1st and 2nd floor (estimated to begin in September).
  • Continue meeting on Sunday mornings at our current location until renovations are complete in late winter or early spring of 2024.
  • Grand Opening in Spring of 2024.

Conceptual Building Plans

1st Floor - Phase 1

2nd Floor - Phase 1

3rd Floor - Phase 2