The Church Has Left the Building!

Ministry and connection doesn't just happen inside a building!

Thankfully, these are outside of the building...



Hugh Sigler, President -


Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.


C.I.A. meets the first Saturday of every month for breakfast (rain or shine) at Golden Corral - 3677 S Santa Fe Dr, Sheridan. 

8am: April - September or 9am: October - March

During the summer C.I.A. holds special events and rides. We recommend signing up to receive notice of those events and changes to the calendar at


DFC motorcycle ministry is a social and service organization made up primarily of people who ride motorcycles. C.I.A. is aligned with DFC missions and dedicates a yearly event to a local mission project.  All who are interested in giving back and helping in these construction-related mission projects are encouraged to join our mailing list to receive the latest information.

Faith Friendship and Firearms (FFF) is a place to grow our faith, our friendships, and our skills and knowledge of firearms; with a common interest in honoring God. 

Coordinators: xxx and yyy

Sometimes you just wanna have fun!

Game Nights - 1x a month at church

Men's Meet Ups - 5x a week combined with breakfast at restaurants

Handyman Ministry - Need help or want to help others?  Contact Chad Godwin 720-917-9716 or Barry Johnson.

Nazarene Trails and Tales:  Join us for hikes and bike trips.  Sponsored by Gene Rakes 720-400-0509 and Vondy McFarlane 303-332-8684  See their past activities at