Money:  Toil or Tool?

Only 10 to 25% of church congregations give to the church.

Will you be one of those who support the local church and its ministries?

  • Financial Peace University


    FPU will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life!

    Sundays, Starting January 20 at 8:45

    This is a national program by radio host, Dave Ramsey.

    Learn From Life-Changing Lessons

    Watch entertaining videos, get your questions answered with financial coaching assistance, and stay on track with digital tools.

    • Budget, save and pay off debt.
    • Get on the same page with your spouse.
    • Identify which types of insurance you need.
    • Plan and save for major expenses.
    • Invest for your future, give generously, and more
    • Click here for a clip of one of the videos on what you will expect
  • God Will Bless You!

    No one likes to think about tithing when it comes to God and His church.  If most of us were honest, we would admit that it is far easier to pray, sing God’s praises and help others than it is to turn over 10% of everything we earn to the Lord.  Yet God blesses those who tithe, and it is one of the most basic Biblical tests of our faithfulness and stewardship.

    We are so often thinking about all of your own needs that we put tithing last on our list and tell ourselves, “If I had anything left over, I would certainly give my ten percent, but I never have anything left.”  But if you tithed first by setting aside your ten percent for God before paying the bills, you would be surprised to find that you can give your ten percent.  You would simply have less for things you don’t really need.  And here’s the best part – God will reward you for your faithfulness!

    Your sacrificial giving will be blessed by the Lord.  These sacrifices really add up!

    1 Starbucks Grande Coffee per day at $5 will be $150/month or $1,800/year

    1 Chipotle Burrito with extra guacamole per day at $10 will be $300/month or $3,600/year

    A family who sacrifices $20 per day in eating out will be $600/month or $7,200/year.

    If just 100 people sacrificed getting a Starbucks per day, this means $15,000 per month to continue the ministries of the church!

  • Automatic Contributions are Easier

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    ZELLE - New giving option. It's completely free to DFC with no transfer charges.

    Try AMAZON SMILE and a portion of your purchases are distributed back to DFC.  Usually about $100/year!  One click automatically links your Amazon account to DFC.