bible studies


We'll continue our study of the book of Romans.
We would love for you to join us, even if you missed the first half of the study. For more information, email Tara at

Book Study - "Following Jesus the Son"

Our next Small Group session will be starting again the week of January 15th for eight weeks. Contact your small group leader for more information on when your group is starting.
Don't have a small group? That's ok, we can help you get set up in one. Please click the button below to leave your information and we'll help you find a group that's right for you. 

Men's groups

TUESDAYS, 7am with Gene Rakes at Chick-fil-A (Parker & 470) - Email Gene at
WEDNESDAYS, 7am with Bob Zimmerman at Kneaders in Parker - Email Bob at
FRIDAYS, 7:15am with Vini Giannatala at Panera Bread (Iliff & Peoria) - Email Vini at