October 18, 2017


He is coming soon! I want say thanks for all the comments and encouragement after last Sunday’s sermon. DFC is truly a wonderful place to preach the gospel. The encouragement to speak the truth and not hold back allows us to continue, as Dr. Diehl says, ‘to keep the main thing the main thing!’ I do believe in these days, people do want to hear the truth about God’s love and return. I also believe it is the heart of Jesus that we all be well informed about His return. He says ‘be ready’!


For me, last Sunday’s sermon was one of the longer sermons I have preached at DFC. Many friends have mentioned to me in a kind and funny way ‘you preached a long sermon.’ Even my own dear mother called to tell me what a good sermon it was but added in her kind and motherly way ‘but it was long’. I am usually the one who says whatever God needs a pastor say to us in a sermon should take no longer than 30-35 minutes. The last thing I want to do is make God’s exciting and transforming Word boring. So my promise on most Sundays will be to deliver God’s Word in that kind of time frame. DFC attenders, thanks for the grace last week!


I do believe these are days to live ready and keep priorities aligned. I encourage everyone who reads this to first keep living for and loving the Savior. He very much loves you and wants to use you to spread His saving love. Secondly, continue to be involved. The local church is imperfect but it is vital to you and your family’s salvation and life while here on earth. Be faithful to your local church. The greatest encouragement you can give to pastors is your presence in worship and service to your church. In the weekly Sunday bulletin, I always end my note with ‘I am so glad you are here!’ I really mean that! Hope to see you this Sunday at either the 9:00 am service in the gym or 10:30 am in the sanctuary.


Let’s continue to live ready!


In His Hope!


Pastor Shawn

What does the devil look like? Biblically speaking there are many images; a fallen angel; a ‘roaring lion looking for someone to devour’ as it says in 1 Peter 5. In II Corinthians 11, Paul writes ‘for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.’ Biblically, the devil has many faces and costumes but I would suggest what happened in Las Vegas this week was the enemy unmasked! What was on display through a 64 year old man was the absolute depravity of man. It was Satan himself using a man who was so depraved he took almost 60 lives, injuring hundreds and has caused this nation to plunge into debating about things that aren’t really the problem.


Most of us understand depravity and sin. Many of us have been rescued by the grace and atonement through our reception of Jesus as Savior. But even in our walk as followers we are reminded there can still be a shadow of evil influence in the life of a believer. We still have the ability to choose Holiness and righteousness or we can choose evil and depravity. For this reason we all need the continual influence of God’s Holy Spirit. It is not possible to become enslaved by evil if we are keeping in step with the Spirit in our lives.


As our nation debates a menagerie of issues, in light of another mass shooting may we, as the Body of Christ, choose His Holiness in the way we live on this earth. This is the battle. It’s not the second amendment, conservative or liberal ideas. It is allowing God to influence our nation. This means we, as the Body of Christ, rightly influencing our communities with a Holy love and Christ’s message of transformation that truly brings a person from darkness into God’s Holy love and light. May we always be the illumination of His love and power wherever we live and in our church!


We continue to have very positive comments about our 9:00 am service transition into the gym. Please join us at 9:00 am in the gym or in our sanctuary at 10:30 am. Hope to see you this Sunday.


In His Hope!


Pastor Shawn

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

Great things can happen at Wal-Mart! People who know my Costco story know that sometimes God speaks in strange and wonderful ways. Wednesday morning of this week I found myself in Wal-Mart looking for a certain type of toilet paper. Maybe in another blog I will discuss why as I grow older I now want a certain type of toilet paper. Things are strangely specific for me as I live in my fifties… now but I digress. In the toilet paper aisle there was a couple who was also shopping for toilet paper. I should say at this point it had not been a terrible morning but it wasn’t a great morning. I had a lot on my mind. As I grabbed my certain brand of TP and walked past this man and woman, the man said rather loudly ‘you smell good!’ I turned and looked at him with a slight smile and said ‘thanks I’ll take it.’ He then asked me what I was wearing and I told him and again let him know his comment to me had affected me in a positive way. I exited Wal-Mart with a spring in my step and with renewed confidence that my effort to ‘smell good’ had not gone unnoticed!


Some of you might be wondering if Pastor Shawn has the flu and is under the influence of some medicine. That’s not the case. However, it occurred to me that a small compliment from a stranger changed the way I was feeling about my day. Many times it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. His comment, though strange, was kind. I believe all of us could be involved in a ministry of kindness to each other and maybe even the strangers who pass by. Who knows where an appropriate comment could lead? Maybe we end up telling someone about the hope we have in Jesus.


My hope is that we will try to change the course of someone’s day in a positive way by saying something nice. It might be your spouse or family, or it might be a mother in a store on how beautiful her children are. (By the way I did head over to Costco after this and had a good conversation with a young mom and her little toddler son.  I gave back I guess).  Let’s take a chance on Christ-like kindness and try to find something good to say every day!


I’m looking forward to Sunday here at DFC. We are launching our 9:00 am service in the family life center. We will have free food and special things happening as we worship together! 10:30 am will continue in our sanctuary with a full choir and orchestra. Try to attend one of these great services. I believe with all my heart that God the Holy Spirit will be present. I pray you and yours will be as well!


In His Kindness!


Pastor Shawn


August 31, 2017

What makes a Sunday morning service go from a good service to a great service? Well let me tell you. Last Sunday we had a wonderful lady turning 85 years ask if I would baptize her. Of course I was privileged to honor her request. So I felt that in both services I would give an opportunity for people to profess their faith to come to the front and I would baptize them by the method of pouring. Five wonderful people came forward. All of them shared their desire to follow the Savior. There was one young man out of the five I have been thinking about and rejoicing over all week!

In Matthew 18:12 it says. ‘If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out and search for the one that is lost?’ Jesus told this story to show us how He personally loves every one of us. Every single person is important to Him. Most of us would say 99 out of 100 is good. But when we are talking about human souls, God desires not even one to be left behind. On Sunday morning when this one young man came from the back I knew why God had directed me to ring the bell to ask if there was ‘ANYONE’ who would bravely step out and confess Jesus as Lord. If this young man was the ONLY ONE to come forward, it was worth it.

Please know today that Jesus knows who you are and what’s happening in your life. If you are far away from the flock of God, He is coming for you! You may feel lost but He knows where you are. God is very present because His absolute love for you as His child! Come to Him. Take a bold step and confess Him as Lord and you will know His love, peace and purpose for your life!

God is moving here at DFC. You don’t want to miss this Sunday morning services. We will meet at 9:00 and 10:30 am. Most Sunday School classes are meeting. Most of all God, the Holy Spirit will join us as we worship the Savior, Jesus Christ. We look forward to greeting you Sunday morning!

In His Hope!

Pastor Shawn A. Siegfreid