The Village -- Young Adult Group

What's the deal?

Exploring what it means to be a young adult in today's world, and our generation's role in the Body of Christ. 

Your 20's can be a challenging season in life as you navigate through adulthood.

Our group has fun together along with support, encouragement and guidance during this season of life. 

Normally Scheduled Program

Sunday Mornings: (if you wake up in time! :-)

9-9:30am  Free Coffee, bagels and pastries in the atrium

9:30am Small Conference Room

Sunday Nights: (you should be up by now!)

3 to 5pm Select Sundays  Pickup Basketball in the Gym

5-6:30pm - Locations will vary, church, coffeeshop, bowling alley, restaurant

Text for this week's location

For more information text

Mallory John: 303-519-8794 or

Abnormally Scheduled Program

December 2: Christmas Concert

Dec 9: Off - No group meetings

December 16: Christmas Party at the Nelsons

Dec 23, Lunch at noon.  No Evening Group

December 30, Morning only. No Evening Group

Summer Disneyland Trip!


Hanging out!